Attractions of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in southeast of Asia. People of Malaysia spoke Malay language (Bahasa Malaysia). Malaysian culture is not the one which belongs to one culture. This country has a group of religions and Muslims dominate the total population. According to my friend currently working over aesthetic tree Other group of people belongs to Christianity, Chinese and Buddhism. This country has many wonderful places that attract the visitors from whole world. Rainforests and beaches of Malaysia are famous in whole world. The other attractive things are Theme Parks, Scuba Diving, Sky Diving and much more.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:

Kuala Lumpur Park is a beautiful bird park which attracts its tourists. This park is also famous among those who are studying birds’ behavior and scientists. This park has almost 3000 birds that belong to 200 species. Watching the birds and walking through area is like walking in beautiful jungle that has everything organized.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park:

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park is located in Sabah, Malaysia. This park has five islands which are Manukan Island, Gaya Island, Mamutik Island, Sapi Island and Sulug Island. These islands are very beautiful. Almost two third of this park covers the sea.

Taman Negara:

This is a national park. This is visitors’ must see location. This park is full of thick jungle, big trees and waterfalls. It has longest canopy walkways. Many animals are found there like tiger, leopard and rhinos.

Cameron Highlands:

Cameron highlands are one of the Malaysia’s best hill stations. This hill station leads visitors through forest to waterfalls and many other amazing and peaceful places. This area is also famous to cultivate Tea and many tea factory owners visited this place.

Pulau Tioman:

This island has eight villages. Time magazine claims that Tioman is world’s most beautiful island. The nearby area of this island is declared a marine park and marine reserves.

California and its amazing places

California is state of United States of America. Capital of California is Sacramento. California would be 6th largest country of world by economy wise if it would be a country. As told by my friend who works at Portland Pest Control Below are some good locations to visit.

Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite National Park is located in north of California. It is best scenic, famous and beautiful park of California. This park is not less than a new world. It has many attractive things like mountains, lakes, and waterfalls that catch the visitor’s attraction. Many photographers and directors arranged their shoots at this park. This is not just a park it is more than imagination.


Disneyland is one of the famous theme park of the world is located in Anaheim. This is family park and beyond the imagination. Rollercoaster, theme rides, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, games, entertainment and much more to do in this park. This park is not just a park; it is a complete small city. Disneyland has attractions for all ages.  

Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the famous places. It always comes first in mind when visitors think about San Francisco because it is locates in San Francisco. This bridge is 1mile wide and 1.7mile long. This bridge is one of the most photographed Bridges and is also symbolic place of San Francisco. The blue water under bridge and orange theme of bridge make it most beautiful combo. Especially in night the lights reflect in water and the color of bridge too which make it so amazing and unforgettable sight.

Venice Beach:

This is number one attraction for visitors who came to south California. The walk on this beach should not be missed if you are sea sight cane found every group of entertainer from break-dance to broken glass walking. Many street performers and many vendors can found especially in summer vocations. This beach accommodates many people on every year in vocations. In normal days the beach remains a great picnic point for people.

Canada and its best places

Canada is developed country and stands on 9th number in Human Development index. Canada is 2nd largest country of the world. Canada is full of beauty. There are so many places that have a great ratio of tourist’s attractions. I am writing some of them below as told by my friend when we were together at Kitchen Design Fort Lauderdale. These are the best places you can find in Canada.

Niagara Falls:

This Niagara fall straddle the border of United States and Canada. Niagara fall is combination of three waterfalls Horseshoe fall, American fall and Bridal Veil fall.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights:

This museum was constructed in 2004.  This museum has an amazing theme. It has 10 galleries in 2004 that were based on different themes. The design of building is eye-catching. The main aim is to bring national and international attentions towards human right issues.

Old Quebec:

This area of Canada is most popular one which has attracted by tourists around the world. This place is great combo of modernism, culture and history. Many artists display their work. There are many museums, shops and restaurants.

Old Montreal:

This place is full of old historic buildings. It has horse-drawn carriages which take visitors from place to place. Many beautiful and eye-catching places are Notre-Dame Basilica which has a beautiful interior, city hall of 1980s, Jacques-Cartier such a lively place.

Banff national park:

Banff national park is Canada’s first national park located in Alberta province. The trans-Canada highway which passes through the park is totally amazing. The adventure is seeing wildlife of different spices is totally amazing.


It is located in region of British Colombia. It is most popular place in Canada. Tourists love to go at this place. They love to swim in ocean. Stanley Park is its main attraction which has lush greenery, woodlands, and gardens. Parks has jogging tracks and separate lines for walkers and bikers. This park has so many interesting things like Vancouver Aquarium, Beaver Lake, Rose Garden and Totem poles which is about 100 years ago.

Travel Insurance-Consoles

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Your Budget Travel Guide

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Lodgings are moderately less expensive than inns. Despite the fact that fundamentally littler and more confined, they offer similar civilities and, now and again, a similar essential travel comforts the same number of lodgings. On the off chance that you are searching with the expectation of complimentary Wi-Fi association, free breakfast and free air terminal exchanges, most lodgings offer these administrations, as well.

Others offer free clothing, staff-supported gatherings and a typical room where visitors can blend and become more acquainted with each other. The main things you need to endure are space and, in specific lodgings, cleanliness. The trap is to do your examination in advance. Read surveys to comprehend what past visitors think. You will have a reasonable thought of which inns to consider and which ones to maintain a strategic distance from. In conclusion, be watchful for promos. Inns incidentally offer rebates and different advantages.